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Office of Academic Services

Updated December 2015

All new course proposals and changes to existing courses are completed using the Web Course Curriculum database. The web Course Curriculum database project is a work in progress and continues to evolve. For example, we plan to have help menus at each page of the outline and we intend to introduce more forms.

All of the active courses are represented in the database. Administrative details, learning outcomes, content topics and textbooks are currently listed for each course. As each course comes due for routine review we are asking the faculty to complete the outlines.

Need employee access to the curriculum database? Have technical questions? Email the Curriculum Database Specialist at

Need assistance with writing or revising a course proposal? Email the chair of the Course Evaluation Subcommittee, Heidi Neu at

Below are informational documents about the required inclusions and minimum standards for acceptance of various curriculum proposals to begin the formal curriculum approval process.

Adobe PDF Proposal Inclusions  
Adobe PDF Minimum Standards for Acceptance of Curriculum Proposals
Adobe PDF Why Do I Have To Do This Paperwork?

Curriculum Forms and Documents

The documents below require the most recent version of the associated application to maintain proper formatting.


Outline Templates
  Word Document Credit Course Outline Template Instructions
  Word Document Noncredit Course Outline Template Instructions
  Word Document Directed Study Course Outline Template Instructions
  Word Document Work Experience Course Outline Sample (2 units) Instructions
  Word Document Work Experience Course Outline Sample (3 units)  
  Word Document Work Experience Course Outline Sample (4 units)  

Adobe PDF
Submission Checklist

Changes to Existing Courses
  Adobe PDF Course Modification Form
  Word Document Administrative Change Form
New Course
  Word Document New Course Proposal Form Instructions
  Excel Curriculum Impact Assessment Form Instructions
New Experimental Courses
  Adobe PDF New Course Proposal for Experimental Course  
Distance Learning Course
  Adobe PDF Distance Learning Addendum Instructions
  Web Link Distance Learning Course Guideline  
Basic Skills
   Word Document Basic Skills Research Request Form   Instructions
   Word Document Honors Addendum Template Worksheet   Instructions
   Adobe PDF Honors New Course Proposal Form  
Materials Fees
   Word Document Material Fee Template  
   Word Document Guide to Materials Fee (02/2009)  



   Word Document Local Program Discontinuance  

For additional information about the curriculum process, please visit the California Community Colleges Curriculum Website at