Associate Groups


The Long Beach City College Foundation Associate Groups support specific areas of the College’s academic and athletics life. Members of these groups are generally interested in the specific areas that they support. Most groups meet once per month during the academic year and hold fundraising events. Contact the Foundation if you are interested in joining one or more of these groups.

Athletics Associates 

Assists the LBCC Athletics department that consists of 18 men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletic teams. The group raises funds that directly support all student athletes and athletic programs.

Child Development Associates 

Works with the Child Development and Parent Education Departments to assist with equipment needs. Provides scholarship support to students in the program.

Friends of Languages Associates 

Supports programs and students in the Foreign Language and English as a Second Language (ESL) departments. Provides scholarship support to students in those programs.

Helping the Homeless Associates

Developing a comprehensive program to provide qualified homeless Long Beach City College students with stable housing and access to supportive services to enable them to successfully pursue their education.

Library & Learning Resources Associates 

Enhances the College’s collection of books and learning resources. Provides student support through the center for learning assistance, media services, and adult education.

Senior Studies Associates 

Raises funds for the Senior Studies programs at the Pacific Coast Campus.