LBCC Viking Vault
A crucial resource for students in need


Located near the main quad on the LAC campus, entering the Viking Vault feels warm and safe. Kind faces greet you and shelves are stocked with a variety of foods to pick from. 

So, let’s dive in – what is the Viking Vault? 

The Viking Vault is the campus food pantry, serving students under the umbrella of the comprehensive LBCC Basic Needs program. The goal is to serve all students who are in need while creating a welcoming and clean environment. This includes offering plenty of perishable foods such as fresh produce, dairy, and meats, as well as perishable foods such as pasta, bread, peanut butter, and jellies. A new addition is hygiene products, including deodorant, shampoos, soaps, and parenting products like diapers and wipes. 

Basic Needs Program Manager, Justin Mendez, has been leading this team to success. Passionate and caring, Justin aims to serve every student that needs assistance. “I am a community college student, myself,” shared Justin. “I attended programs that really helped me be successful in my education. So throughout my undergrad in college, I developed a passion for education, and I wanted to work at a community college.”

As more students come onto campus, that means increased traffic to the food pantries. “We receiving a lot more donations of food, and we also have a lot more student traffic. There is a lot of food and needed items coming in and out, which is great to see,” shared Mendez. “We’re getting more funding to provide food and shelter support. Donations of meats such as tuna and chicken are always well received.”

The Viking Vault is available on both campuses to maximize student access. The food pantry is located at the Liberal Arts Campus (LAC) in E-131, and the Pacific Coast Campus (PCC) in QW-107. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm at LAC, and open Wednesdays and Thursdays at PCC. 

Donations for hygiene products are always appreciated. If you would like to make a donation of items to the Viking Vault, please contact Justin Mendez at or 562-938-4756. 

To make a donation to the Student Emergency and Basic Needs program, please click here.