Current Committee Members


It is expected that the committee will draw upon additional resources from the pool of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise as deemed necessary. 

Position Name
Co-Chair, Administration Reagan Romali
Co-Chair, Faculty Jorge Ochoa
Co-Chair, Classified Senate Anne Engel
VP, Human Resources Gene Durand
VP, Business Services Marlene Dunn
VP, Academic Affairs Kathleen Scott
VP, Student Support Services Mike Munoz
Director, Superintendent – President’s Office Jeff Wood
Executive Director, Public Affairs and Marketing Joshua Castellanos
Senate Executive, Assistant President John Downey
Senate Executive, Secretary/Treasurer Shauna Hagemann
Senate Executive, PCC Representative Christina Moorhead
Senate Executive, Legislative Liaison Carlos Ramos
Senate Executive, Curriculum Committee Chair Wendy Koenig
Senate Executive, Faculty Professional Development Coordinator Jeri Florence
Instructional Dean Representative Michelle Grimes-Hillman
Student Services Dean Representative Nohel Corral
ASB Rep Vacant
ASB Rep Vacant
LBCCFA Representative Otto Figueroa
CHI Representative Karen Roberts
AFT Representative Susan Trask
AFT Representative Therese Wheeler
ASLO Coordinator Juan Flores-Zamora
ASLO Coordinator Colin Williams
Management Representative Hussam Kashou
DPPR Chair Mike Biggs
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Heather Van Volkinburg
Director, Planning Jennifer Holmgren