Essay Contest Rules
Contest rules, essay format, and prize listings


Essay Format

  1. Student entrant’s names should not appear on the essay. Please include the essay’s title and page number in the upper-right-hand corner of each page. 
  2. Essays are not to bear the instructor’s remarks. 
  3. When needed, entrants must document all sources using MLA style and must include a page where all works are cited.
  4. Entrants should submit their essays and submission forms to the Jacaranda Canvas page.

Prizes & Recognition

Winning essays will be selected for the following qualities: Originality and Insight, Strength of Purpose, Convincing Development, Clarity and Precision of Language, Effective Arrangement of Parts.

  1. It is expected that essays will be generally correct in grammar, mechanics, and documentation.  
  2. Cash prizes will be awarded in each category. An entrant may not win more than one prize per category. 
  3. Honorable mention awards may be given to additional essays of merit. 
  4. Winning essays will be made available to faculty and students through the English Department. 
  5. Winning entrants will be notified by the English Department.