Adult Education

Long Beach City College’s Adult Education program offers short-term personal and professional development courses that are open year-round to members of the community.

To register for adult education courses, you must be an active LBCC student. If you have not enrolled in Long Beach City College please visit the Get Started page for a detailed overview of the enrollment process. Once completed, you may register for any Program of Interests and the courses below.



What is Career Technical Education?

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and become lifelong learners. CTE is filled with various programs that make students career-ready once they complete their time at Long Beach City College. Some programs require as little as three classes. Some programs take two years. Many industries are looking for these highly skilled graduates where labor demand is high.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Long Beach City College’s assessment philosophy embraces the notion that the entire campus contributes to students’ mastery of institutional outcomes and learning outcomes in every course, degree, certificate, and educational pathway. Faculty and staff recognize that student learning requires more than mere memorization of information, and they work to ensure that students utilize their command of learned information to solve problems, demonstrate skills, and think critically.