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Long Beach City College has 5 Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs)*, which are groups of related majors that lead to degrees and certificates. For those undecided about their major or career goal, selecting a CAP is an essential first step on the path to college completion. Students should declare a major within their first year at LBCC, so choosing a CAP of interest allows for more guided and deliberate exploration of careers and opportunities within a general field of study in order for this to be accomplished.

*CAPs are also known as “meta-majors”.

Arts, Language, and Communication

Creativity and communication are your strengths. You enjoy connecting with people through writing, speaking, creating and you like reaching out to bring people together. You express yourself freely, whether it’s through language, art, film, theatre, or media and you know that art, in every form, is one of the best ways to explore new ideas and points of view.

Business, Management, and Entrepreneurship

You enjoy understanding the way organizations operate – and you’re ready to capitalize on what you learn. You’re a self-starter who knows the value of teamwork, customer service, and creativity. You like examining workflows, cash flows, and you recognize the important role technology plays in all of it. You are a leader; you are ready and willing to step up and make things happen.

Science, Health, and Technology

Exploring the world and understanding things around you – they are puzzles that drive you to find solutions using theory, biology, physical compounds or technology. You’re a problem solver, you like building or taking things apart to see how they work and then finding applications in the real world. Complex systems fascinate and inspire you.

Society and Education

You’re interested in the organization of laws, politics, interactions, and social bonds that make our planet such a rich and diverse place, and you’re always craving to learn more. Studying human behavior, culture, and identity excites you. You have an intellectual spirit, and you enjoy sharing that with others because you understand the importance of doing your part within your interconnected community. 

Trades and Service Industry

You enjoy working with your hand, making functional products, and providing services that require precision and attention to detail. You consider yourself a craftsman, you are tool-oriented and mechanically inclined. You like to work with things and to work through problems by doing. You enjoy being active, competitive, and taking risks.

The counselors at Long Beach City College are assigned to CAP and can provide students with specific guidance based on their major or career goal.

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