The Placement Process


What Is a Placement? 

A placement is a formal recommendation from Long Beach City College identifying the Math, English, or Reading class that you are most likely to succeed in. Typically, students should begin by completing their placement courses before moving on to more advanced major and general education courses.  

If your goal is to earn a college degree, or transfer to a university, then college-level Math, English and Reading courses will be required for you. Even if you are working toward a certificate but may be interested in a degree or transfer in the future, completing college level Math, English and Reading now may be required and/or could save you time later.  

Placement measures are being revised to increase the likelihood of students succeeding in college level Math, English and Reading. LBCC’s placement model values academic history and offers additional options to enter sequences of Math, English and Reading classes. 

How am I Placed into Math, English, and Reading? 

There are three ways to receive a placement for Math, English, and Reading: 

  1. Self Reported Data – When applying to the college, you are asked questions about your high school coursework. Answering these questions will lead to a placement in Math, English, and Reading.  
  2. Transcripts – LBCC has data sharing agreements with many local high schools. Your high school transcript is also used to inform your placement into English, Math, and Reading. 
  3. Guided Placement Tool – If LBCC does not have any information about your high school coursework or if you completed high school more than ten years ago, you are given the opportunity to complete the Guided Placement Tool to inform your placements. 

Where Do I Find My Placement?

Your placements can be found in the Viking Student System.

Which Courses should I choose?

With more options for entry into Math, English and Reading classes it is important that you choose the course or sequence best suited for you, your academic needs and goals. Department faculty and academic counselors are great resources to help. 

How will this choice impact my completion?

Starting in the right course is important because: 

  1. You are far more likely to pass transfer-level Math and English if you start at or near transfer-level.  
  2. Your academic records and work history are the best predictors of your likelihood to succeed at transfer-level.  
  3. Spending time and money in a lower-level course may not be necessary for you.

Your completion is dependent on your goals, whether it be to attain a certificate, associate’s degree, or transfer to a 4-year institution. Your goal and major will determine the number of courses needed and the number of units required. Your choice of initial Math, English and Reading placement will impact your completion by providing additional options for you.