STHD Faculty Resources
To support faculy in connecting students with our support

Welcome, LBCC Faculty!
This page is designed to help you connect your students with our technology support.

Canvas/Syllabus Blurb

Feel free to post the following blurb in your Canvas shell and/or in your syllabi.

The LBCC Student Technology Help Desk (STHD) is available to support all LBCC students! The STHD supports accessing and successfully using Long Beach City College technology. We are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly student team members to provide peer support. • Phone: (562) 938-4250 • Email: •  Resources Website: • Zoom: Contact us and we will send you a link • In-person: LAC 2nd Flr L Building & PCC Student Union • Social Media: We’re social. Follow us on Instagram @lbccsthd

Classroom Visit Menu

If you would like to schedule a classroom visit, please email Sundee Dominguez, Student Technology Help Desk (STHD) Manager: - Please note your class name, location, and preferred date/time for a visit. 

Class Visit Menu

  1. Introducing the Student Technology Help Desk Resource (5 min)
    This visit is the first step in creating a connection with LBCC students.
  2. Cyber-Security (5-10 min)
    This visit is an opportunity for our team to introduce our services, and share important cyber security tips and reminders to LBCC students.
  3. MS Office/Office 365 (20 min)
    During this visit a student team member gives a brief overview of our services and then delves into showing students exactly how your students can access and download (5 licenses) MS office/365. 
  4. Canvas LMS (20 min)
    During this visit, a student team member gives a brief overview of our services and then delves into showing your students how to access and navigate components of Canvas LMS. 
  5.  Tailored Classroom Workshop (up to 45 min)
    We bring the workshop to you! This is a 45 minute workshop tailored to your class needs in using Office 365 or Canvas LMS.

Student Club or Event Presentation
In addition to classroom visits, student team members visit student clubs and meetings to share our support and connect with fellow peers.  

Department Meetings
During this visit, the Student Technology Help Desk Manager (Laura Rantala), will visit your department meeting to talk about the STHD and how we can collaborate to best support our students. 

Virtual Visits
We can do all of the above in an online setting using Zoom.

Online Classroom Visit Video

Starfish Referral

The Student Technology Help Desk (STHD) is a referral option in Starfish.
You can refer your students to our resources to support them in accessing FREE MS Office/365 & more. Once you submit the referral, our information is automatically sent to them. 

Flyers to Post or Print