EMOC Membership
Current Committee Members



  • Faculty Co-Chair appointed by Academic Senate President
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs Co-Chair or designee
  • Curriculum Chair
  • Department Heads (4)* (or former DHs) with 1 representing CTE appointed by Academic Senate
  • Counseling faculty* (1) appointed by Academic Senate
  • Faculty at-large (2) appointed by Academic Senate
  • Admission and Records Specialist (1)* appointed by Classified Senate 
  • Enrollment Specialist (1)* appointed by Classified Senate
  • Classified Union Representative (1)* appointed by the Long Beach Council of Classified Employees President
  • Dean of Enrollment Services or designee
  • Public Affairs and Marketing representative 
  • Associate Dean, Academic Services
  • Dean of Student Equity, or designee
  • Director of Workforce Development
  • Director of Planning
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness or designee
  • Instructional Dean (1), appointed by Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Students (2)* appointed by Associated Student Body
  • Guided Pathways Representative, appointed by Viking Pathways Taskforce
  • Vice President of Student Services
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Financial Aid representative
  • Business Analysts (2) (Academic Services, Enrollment Services)
  • Faculty Professional Development Coordinator
  • Online Learning and Educational Technology Representative
LAC and PCC representation should be attained, if possible. For example, there are four DH appointed, Academic Senate should attempt to appoint DHs from both PCC and LAC, if possible.