FSEOC Charge
Functions & Responsibilities


The Faculty and Staff Equal Opportunity Committee shall function as the District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee as required by Title 5, Section 53005.  The Committee’s role shall include the following:

  • Review and advise on recruitment efforts; job announcements, interview protocols, retention efforts, and other aspects of the hiring, retention, and promotion processes that impact the District’s ability to attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff;
  • Advise on implementing the District’s obligation to hire faculty and staff with a demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and gender identity of community college students
  • Advise, develop, and implement special training or professional development needs as it relates to equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination, and staff diversity;
  • Foster campus-wide understanding and support of the Plan;
  • Review and monitor the EEO Plan’s progress;
  • Provide recommendations for Plan improvements and revision
  • Reviewing and advising of all policies and procedures related to Equal Employment Opportunity