Possible Outcomes of Accreditation


Below are listed the potential outcomes related to accreditation. Based on the evaluation conducted by the peer review team, the commission determines that the institution meets one of the following:

Reaffirm accreditation status
  • This is the best possible outcome that designates the College is in compliance with all requirements, standards, and policies.
Other Actions
  • Deferred Action
    • The College has six months to produce evidence or fix major issues that were led the institution to be out of compliance.
  • Warning, Probation, Show Cause
    • The College is in substantial noncompliance and must meet set expectations within the limited time period and at additional cost to the college. The College must defend why it should retain accreditation.
  • Withdrawal of Accreditation
    • This most detrimental outcome is preceded by a “show cause” determination because the College fails to meet requirements, standards, and policies. Withdrawal of accreditation indicates the College has failed to come into compliance, address deficiencies, and is, therefore, unable to meet student needs.