Social Justice Intercultural Center
LAC - Lower Level of Building E

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NOW OPEN Mon. – Thurs. 8 am – 5 pm

The Social Justice Inter-Cultural Center (SJIC) is a space designed to house an array of equity-rooted programs and services, and provide a space where students can access resources, research, work, and organize around issues related to social justice and/or equity.

Our goal is to support the mission of Long Beach City College through works of equity and advocacy. Alongside campus and community partners, students will leave the center able to build community and live in solidarity equipped with the tools to create a just campus for all.

Please visit the Cultural & Diversity Communities for more information about tailored programs and resources that are specifically designed to enhance and support the educational experience of our Latinx, Black & African American, Asian Pacific Islander Desi and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Who Wants to be a Mentor?

The SJIC is seeking people with a desire to make our students feel seen, heard, and loved!

If You:

  • Can commit 10 hours total of your time
  • Are comfortable discussing issues of race and intersectional identity
  • Are passionate about equity and social justice



SJIC Mission

With a student-centered focus, the Social Justice Intercultural Center (SJIC) works to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and affirming campus experience at LBCC. As a collaborative space, the SJIC promotes social justice, education, culturally responsive support, community-building, and leadership development. The SJIC serves as a space where students and staff can explore their own multifaceted identities, engage in social justice efforts, feel validated,  build relationships, and be inspired. By supporting students and staff to embrace their authentic and multidimensional selves, we encourage them to understand the world as it is, envision it as it could be, and put themselves, as change-makers, in the picture.                        

Our Why

At Long Beach City College, we acknowledge the existence and long-standing impacts of systemic racism in our local context and the country at large. It is, therefore, our responsibility as an institution to proactively and intentionally create spaces that affirm, validate, and inspire historically underserved communities while seeking transformative change at an institutional level.

Our What

The Social Justice Intercultural Center envisions an LBCC where all students feel engaged, validated, empowered, connected, and inspired so they may be the best version of themselves. We envision an LBCC that promotes:                                   

  • An inclusive campus climate, where all cultures and identities are valued and celebrated 
  • Culturally responsive educational experiences 
  • Self-actualization and collective advocacy of underrepresented and underserved communities 
  • Experiential and arts-based learning 
  • Brave spaces that support self-exploration and dialogue
  • Leadership development and community building for all 
  • Integration and leveraging of efforts to expand impact among marginalized communities


  • Advocacy 
  • Healing and Advocacy Circles 
  • Immigration + DACA 
  • Transgender, Genderqueer, and Nonconforming Inclusion  
  • Create safe spaces that foster  deep cultural knowledge and a sense of self-awareness 
  • Assess trends in campus climate and identify barriers
  • Work with on-campus partners to address these equity concerns 

2023-2024 Focus Populations

  • African-American/Black 
  • Latinx 
  • Asian Pacific Islander 
  • Native American 
  • LGBTQ 

Additional Offerings

  • Advocacy and Engagement through culturally relevant programming  
  • Equity Leadership and Professional Development Training 
  • Cultivating community partnerships