Support Framework

Black students in class.

The SANKOFA Scholars academic program was a learning community created at Long Beach City College in Fall 2007. The program’s mission and goals were to assist African American students in receiving Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Science degrees, Certificates, and transfer to four-year colleges or universities. 

The SANKOFA Scholars Program ended in Fall 2012 due to budget cuts. Long Beach City College faculty and staff created scholarships to provide financial support for students to achieve their educational goals. The four programs designed to support African American and Black students were The African American Scholars Fund, SANKOFA Scholar Leaders, SANKOFA Scholars Emergency Fund, and the Emerging Leaders program in direct response to students’ financial needs. 

The Umoja Scholars Program Learning Community

The Umoja Community is a statewide program dedicated to enhancing African American students’ cultural and educational experiences. The word Umoja is a Kiswahili word meaning unity. The goal of Long Beach City College’s UMOJA Scholars Program is to help students build a strong community as the foundation for their academic journey. Students’ voices and experiences matter. Through course offerings, social events, college tours, and student support services, we celebrate students’ diversity, encourage intellectual contributions, and promote student academic achievement.


In collaboration with the African American/Black Student Fund, the Long Beach City College Foundation will help seek and solicit donations to enhance and expand the program. The foundation currently addresses homeless insecurities, scholarships, technology needs, and student emergencies. The foundation will make these services available and provide donor acknowledgment letters and an annual impact report on behalf of the fund. The fund will actively seek broad partnerships supporting African American/ Black students’ success.

Asset Analysis


  • Umoja Scholars Program
  • A2Mend
  • BSU
  • College Promise
  • Viking Advantage
  • Justice Scholars Program
  • Guardian Scholars
  • Basic Needs
  • Men’s Success Initiative
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Exploration
  • Educational Planning
  • College Transfer

Community Partners

  • Apple
  • Base 11
  • Philanthropic Organizations, Foundations, and Public entities
  • Alumni
  • Councilmember Rex Richardson
  • Human IT
  • NAACP of Long Beach
  • 100 Black Men
  • CCEJ
  • Long Beach Moving Forward
  • City of Long Beach
  • Innovation Office
  • Port of Long Beach