Types of Student Enrollment Fees

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Enrollment fees are based on your residency status which is based on California Residency Requirements. The final determination regarding residency status is made by the LBCC Admissions & Records Office. Some fees (enrollment and student health) are determined by the State of California and are subject to change without notice.

The required cost of attending LBCC includes the following fees:

Resident Enrollment Fees 

If you are a California resident and have lived in California for more than one year before the beginning of the semester in which you are taking classes, you are eligible to pay resident enrollment fees.

Non-Resident Enrollment Fees

All students who do not meet the California residency requirement must pay the non-resident enrollment fee rate. If you have questions about your resident status, you can contact the Admissions & Records office.

Dual-Enrollment Students

Enrollment fees are waived for all students who are currently dual-enrolled in high school and college.

Military Veterans

Under the Veterans Choice Act, students who have been discharged from military service within the previous three years and are utilizing the Post 9/11 GI Bill are eligible for in-state fees. Contact the Veteran Services office or visit the LAC campus, for more information and to complete the appropriate paperwork.

AB540 California Dream Act

The California Dream Act allows students who are not US Citizens or permanent residents but meet AB540 Criteria, to be eligible for the resident enrollment fee rate. Dream Act students who (a) have attended a California high school for at least three years, (b) graduated from high school or attained the equivalent (usually passing the GED or CA High School Proficiency Exam), and © have filed for legal immigration status or will file as soon as possible, need to complete the  and submit this document with an official copy of your high school transcripts to the Admissions & Records office.

For more information, please contact Sonia Verduzco.

Student Health Fee

The Student Health Fee provides you with access to on-campus health services at the Student Health Centers at each campus. Click here to learn more about the Student Health Centers or the Student Health Fee.

Student Representation Fee

The first dollar of the Student Representation Fee supports LBCC students to advocate locally for programs and services that support student needs, and the second dollar supports the statewide student association in advocating for student support from the state government. Check out the Associated Student Body (www.lbcc.edu/asb) to learn more or get involved!

College Services Card

The College Services Card (CSC) is your official student identification card provides you access to the campus shuttle, student clubs and organizations, campus events, intramurals, and accident insurance while on campus. You can get your College Services Card at LAC-Building E or PCC-Building EE and you can pick up your current CSC sticker at the Cashier’s Office. 

Course Material Fees

Some courses have books and supplies that a student is required to purchase in order to take the course. If the course has a materials fee, it will be listed in the schedule of classes. Course materials fees are charged to your account when you register for the course.