Otto Figueroa
Co-Dept. Head of Physical Sciences & Professor, Geology

Contact LAC, D-338

Education and Background
I started college as a liberal arts major at Cypress College and spent the first year taking courses in many different disciplines.  I took my first geology course during my second year and found that it combined many of my academic interests because geology is a field  that draws on an understanding of the physical sciences, biological science, history, economics and political science.  I used this diverse background to focus on environmental sciences and water resources.

After graduating with my  master’s degree from Cal State Fullerton, I worked as an environmental consultant.  I conducted many investigations to determine the environmental impact of redeveloping properties which were previously used for industrial purposes.  I also investigated the effect of development on groundwater resources.

During the time I worked as a consultant I always taught part time.  I taught classes at Cal State Fullerton, Brandman University and since 2011 at Long Beach City College.  I made the transition from teaching part time to teaching full time in the fall of 2014 because I enjoyed teaching and interacting with students.  I hope to teach students both the theoretical underpinning of geology and its use in many aspects of our post-industrial society.