Hospitality Management


Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program is a dynamic hand’s on and academic program which explores many segments of the hospitality industry. Students will be given current management and business practice approaches to the restaurant, hotel, parks and recreation, tourism, and the cruise line industry.

This program can be transferable to a California State education facility. By the end of the program, the accomplished student will be able to understand the numerous employment roles in hospitality and have the basic skill set to apply for entry-level positions within industry segments.


Hospitality Management, Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)

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Intro to Hospitality

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App Food Service Sanitation in Hotel/Restaurant Management 

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Cost Control in Hospitality

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Intro to Culinary Skills & Principles 

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Being a professional in hospitality is a very lucrative and fulfilling career. Earning your degree in Hospitality Management will provide you with tools such as guest services, critical thinking, management strategies, and financial understanding. You will have the confidence and knowledge to apply for roles such as hotel concierge, dining room service manager, theme park operations, cruise line careers, and tourism.

Nationwide, the hospitality industry will grow 10.24% in the next five years while travel and leisure will grow to parallel with this increase. Restaurant and Hotel employment is among the top five job market increase. Los Angeles and the state of California have most of the largest successful hotel companies and boutique style business offerings in the country, while also being a trendsetter in guest services, diversity and inclusion, and competitive compensation structures to the rest of the nation. This environment creates the perfect place to begin your career in hospitality.

Happy Hotel Clerks Are Welcoming Professional At Counter


  • Airline Guest Services
  • Casino Director
  • Catering Sales Manager
  • Chief Concierge
  • Client Services Manager
  • Convention Center Management
  • Director of Housekeeping
  • Event Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Food & Beverage Director
  • Hotel Manager
  • Parks & Recreation Management
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Manager
To explore potential jobs in this field of study, we strongly urge you to visit LBCC Career Center. Working with a career counselor, we will assess your strengths, skills, interests, and accomplishments to help you identify internship opportunities and career goals that match your educational and professional needs.


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How long will it take to complete the program?

Depending on the number of units you take and whether you are a full-time or part-time student, completing an associate degree program can take about one and a half to two years. Make a 30-minute appointment with an academic counselor to receive services in educational plans, transcript evaluation, and career planning.

Do you need to purchase any required materials?

You may be responsible for books (when applicable). Paper, pens, pencils, and any electronic devices would be the responsibility of the student.

Will my credits transfer to and from another educational institution?

Depending on which institution and the type of class. This will be assessed on an individual basis. Make an appointment with an academic counselor. For more information, please visit LBCC Transfer Center.

Who are the Career and Technical Education Counselors?


Please visit the Counseling Office for Academic Counseling, Career Exploration, Educational Planning, College Transfer, Student Resources, and many others to help you achieve your educational goals.

What requirements must I have before starting this degree program?

No required courses are needed to begin this program.