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At LBCC, our Computer Security & Database Advisory Board, which is made up of local employers, academic institutions, international corporations, and professionals, updated and approved our curriculum and programs to meet the specific needs for our students. Our Computer Security & Database programs are constantly evolving and learning from the advice of Advisory Board and integrate their recommendations into our program to be on the cutting-edge of the technology. 

The cybersecurity program at Long Beach City College has a program advisory committee that meets annually to review curriculum, outcomes, and changing industry standards. The committee advises faculty on course additions, subtractions, and changes so students are learning in demand skills in the cybersecurity field. Program advisory members include Microsoft, the Port of Long Beach, City of Long Beach Mayor’s Office, City of Long Beach Information Systems, Business Engagement for the City of Long Beach, AeonTG, Atomic Group, Cyber Pathways, and Google.

Members of Computer Security & Database Advisory Board

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