How to Create Credit & Noncredit Courses​

  1. New Course Proposal​

    • Access and complete the New Course Proposal form on the CEval website.​
  2. Foundational Documentation​

    • Ensure completion and submission.​
  3. CTE: Labor Market Information​

    • Provide the Dean, Career Education with the TOP Code for the program that your course will be placed within to receive LMI data.​
    • Labor Market Information should demonstrate a need for employment related to the course in its program. ​
  4. CTE: Advisory Committee Minutes​

    • If you need assistance with the creation of an Advisory Board, or the scheduling and recording of the minutes of meetings, contact the Director of Workforce Development. ​
    • Highlight the motions and votes that directly link to the creation of the program.​
  5. ADT: Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC)​

    • Access the most current TMC from the Chancellor’s Office website.​
    • Use the TMC to ascertain the areas your course aligns with and fulfills. Collaborate with the CEval Subcommittee Chair and Dean, Academic Affairs, and the Articulation Officer.​
  6. CEval Subcommittee​

    • To be considered for upcoming CEval meetings, submit the following to the subcommittee chair:​
      • Departmental Discussions​
      • Approval Sheet​
      • Completed New Course Proposal​
      • CTE: Advisory Minutes​
      • CTE: Labor Market Information​