General Education Patterns

GE Certification is not an admissions requirement to the university. However, getting your GE certified can save you from taking several more GE courses at the university. GE certification means that LBCC tells your university that you do not need to take any more lower-division general education courses at their university. You may still transfer without your certification. However, you cannot graduate from your university after you transfer without the completion of lower-division general education courses. In some cases, the university may not allow you to come back to LBCC to get certified after you have started coursework at their university.

Students normally apply for certification during their last semester at Long Beach City College. Students who want Plan C (IGETC) certification must meet with a counselor and must process the paperwork prior to transferring to the university. Students who have taken any GE courses at other schools must meet with an LBCC counselor for certification.


Plan A Course Patterns
LBCC General Education

The LBCC General Education Plan is designed for students planning to obtain an Associate Degree. The general education requirements are only one component of the Associate Degree. Use this document in conjunction with the curriculum guide for your choice of major, and in consultation with a counselor.


Plan B Course Patterns
GE Certification

Completion of the General Education Certification (GE Certification) will allow a student to transfer to the California State University (CSU) system without requiring any additional lower-division GE courses after transfer. As long as the student only attended LBCC, meeting with a counselor is not required. If you have taken GE courses at other schools, you must make an appointment with a counselor to complete your CSU Certification. If you have not taken GE courses at other schools, you do not need to see a counselor for CSU Certification. In this case, the blue form attached to the LBCC transcript request form will need to be completed and submitted for the GE Certification to be processed.


Plan C Course Patterns
IGETC Certification

Completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) will permit the transfer to a campus in either the University of California or California State University system without requiring additional lower-division coursework to be completed after transfer. Meeting with a counselor prior to requesting transcripts and prior to transfer is required to obtain IGETC Certification.