Program: Digital Design & Publication


Digital Design & Publication

The Desktop/Media Publishing program trains students to write, design, and produce a variety of publications on different computer platforms. The program prepares students to work in office environments involving desktop publishing or to work on a freelance basis. 

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This Certificate of Achievement prepares students for an entry-level position in a variety of web journalism and graphic arts settings and serves as a foundation for specialization. 

This Associate degree prepares students for career advancement once a certificate has been earned. Appropriate course selection also facilitates transfer in a related major. 

Associate in Arts (AA), Digital Design & Publication
Certificate of Achievement (ACH), Digital Design & Publication

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Students learn to write, design and produce publications (websites, flyers, brochures, newsletters, in-house magazines). The program prepares students to work on websites, newspapers, magazines, in advertising agencies, or in other environments involving digital design and publication or to work on a freelance basis. For successful employment, you should be able to type 30+ words a minute, write with a proficiency equal to placement in ENGL 1, and have a basic understanding of the principles of color and design theory.