Student Resources


Student success is connected to student health and wellness. This includes a wholistic approach to health and wellness: physical, mental, social, and emotional. We have organized several resources for you have access to tools to help with easy access. Look through resources available to you on campus, off campus, and many more online (so you can access them virtually anywhere).

Off-Campus Resources

Looking for some additional options? Here are a few off-campus resources:

Online Resources – Coping Skills & Strategies

Experiencing sadness, worry, difficulty sleeping? Click on a link below to find online handouts, articles, or videos with tips, skills, or strategies to coping with new or difficult situations.

Sadness, Feeling Down, or Depression

Stress, Worry, or Anxiety

Difficulty Concentrating

Education on Difficulty Concentrating – Watch Difficulty Concentrating Video
Mindfulness Education & Exercises
Mindfulness to Increase Awareness & Attention


Coping skills and self-soothing activities
Mindful Breathing
Relaxing “safe place” imagery

Difficulty Sleeping

Sleep Hygiene 1: What it is, why it matters, and how to revamp your habits to get better nightly sleep
Sleep Hygiene 2 Sleep Hygiene Handout



Soft Start Ups
How to Apologize
Active Listening
Using “I” Statements
Types of Communications
Using Assertive Communication

Seeking Ongoing Therapy

We understand that a short-term framework may not be best suited for everyone. If you are seeking ongoing therapy, below are a few resources to assist you. More resources are provided in our Healthy Viking Resource Guide. If you need additional assistance, please feel contact Student Health Services at (562) 938-4210 or (562) 938-3992.


Call LA County ACCESS Line for referral to a local mental health agency.

  • 1-800-854-7771
  • Accepts: Medi-Cal

Long Beach Mental Health

  • (562) 256-2900 
  • 2600 Redondo Ave. 3rd floor, LB, CA 90806  
  • M-F: 8:00am – 5:00pm   
  • Accepts: Medi-Cal or No Insurance 

Rio Hondo Mental Health Clinic- LACDMH

  • (562) 402-0688                               
  • 17707 Studebaker Rd., Cerritos, CA 90703 
  • Accepts: Medi-Cal and no insurance​

R.O.A.D.S Community Care Clinic

  • (310) 627-5850 
  • 121 S. Long Beach Blvd., Compton, CA 90221 
  • Accepts: Medi-Cal and no insurance, sliding scale fees offered. No private insurance

Jewish Family and Children Services (JFCS)

  • (562) 427-7916          
  • 3801 E. Willow Street, Long Beach, CA 90815 
  • Accepts: only Health Net Medi-Cal or sliding scale

Long Beach Asian Pacific Islander Family Mental Health Center (LBAPI)

  • (562) 346-1100
  • 4510 E. Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste 600, Long Beach, CA 90804           
  • (Medi-Cal, sliding scale, out of pocket)

American Indian Counseling Center

  • (562) 402-0677
  • 17707 South Studebaker Rd., Cerritos, CA 90703
  • M-F: 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Accepts: Medi-Cal

If you have private insurance other than medi-cal, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider or doctor for referrals. Below you will also find a few resources below to connect to ongoing counseling services and several directories to find a therapist that takes your insurance.

We know the process of using your insurance may be a new experience, so we have created a chart to help you navigate the process: Find Therapist Flowchart Student Resources.pdf

Memorial Counseling Associates

  • (562) 961-0155
  • 4525 E. Atherton St., Second Fl, Long Beach, CA 90815
  • *Call to see which insurance is accepted. Medi-Cal HMO is accepted

Provider Directories