Mental Health Services


Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services (MHS) is committed to promoting student mental health and wellbeing and strives to help students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. We strive to be a positive advocate of engagement and transformation to help our diverse student community meet their personal challenges while increasing student retention and success.

As members of the MHS staff, we consistently strive to integrate multiculturalism into the everyday function and structure of our department. We have a great appreciation for the dignity and worth of each person we encounter. In our work, we advocate a philosophy of acceptance, compassion, and support for those we serve and provide an emotionally safe and respectful environment.

We support all students regardless of their background and hope to provide services that foster the development of behaviors necessary for success at Long Beach City College and beyond.

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we are providing additional contact information to the Behavioral Health Urgent Care and Mental Health Urgent Care in Long Beach. These offices provide Crisis Assessment, Medication Assessment, Referrals, and other medical services.

For ongoing services, you can contact your own insurance carrier/PCP for referral options. If you have no insurance, you can call ACCESS at 800-854-7771 or contact Long Beach Mental Health at 562-256-2900. They are located at 2600 Redondo Ave. (3rd Floor), Long Beach, CA 90806.