African American Male Education Network & Development

Black Male Education at LBCC

In alignment with the African American Male Education Network and Development (A¬≤MEND) organization, the purpose of the A2MEND LBCC student program is to promote the enhancement of enrollment, success, empowerment, leadership, networking, professionalism, and graduation of individuals who identify as Black/African American males at Long Beach City College.


  • Dedicated counseling team to guide you throughout your educational journey (in collaboration with Umoja Scholars Program)
  • Established brotherhood and professional community network with cultural learning communities and special programs at LBCC
  • Engagement in special events, workshops, and activities tailored to the needs of Black men
  • Opportunities and resources through the national A2MEND organization including mentorship, leadership development, and conferences
  • Participate with the A2MEND Club/Charter at LBCC
  • College Tours (in conjunction with Umoja and Male Success Initiative)
  • Academic Tutoring

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is for students who self-identify as Black/African American males who are enrolled at LBCC
  • Interested students should complete the A2MEND interest form


Continued Eligibility Criteria

  • Continued enrollment at LBCC
  • Participate in at least one A2MEND event a term
  • Complete a comprehensive educational plan with a counselor