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Mental Healthy Services is an important part of the educational experience at LBCC and helps support students to cope with the stresses of college life. Learning to master these challenges will enhance a student’s psychological, interpersonal, educational, and career development while at LBCC and long after leaving the campus. Because students enter LBCC with varying skills and experiences, we attempt to meet each student at his or her need level, whether the student is in a crisis situation, experiencing and exacerbation of a long standing problem, or anticipating forthcoming changes.

To Schedule Appointments

Appointments can be made in person or by phone. Please visit the Appointments & Emergencies page to schedule an appointment.

As part of LBCC’s partnership with TimelyMD, students have access to services in TimelyCare, including:

  • TalkNow - 24/7, on-demand emotional support to talk about anything, including anxiety, relationships, depression, and school-related stressors.
  • Scheduled Counseling (up to 6 sessions) - Choose the day, time, and mental health provider that best works for you.
  • Self-Care Content - Visit the “Explore” page within TimelyCare for guided self-care content, including yoga and meditation sessions, as well as group conversations with our providers on a variety of health and well-being topics.
  • Basic Needs Support - Access to low or reduced-cost community resources, including food and housing assistance, transit support, childcare, and finances.

Students have access to TimelyCare services 365 days a year. That means you have access during breaks, after-hours, and any time you need support! Visit TimelyCare for more info!

What to Expect

As a currently enrolled student at Long Beach City College, you are eligible to receive mental health services, which are covered by your Student Health Fee. For many students, making an appointment to discuss deeply personal matters with a mental health clinician, essentially a stranger, can feel uncomfortable. Some students may feel nervous or have doubts if they should talk to a mental health clinician. Those thoughts and feelings are extremely common for anyone considering therapy for the first time. And that is okay. We are here to support you along this process.

A mental health clinician will work to understand your concerns and collaborate with you to create goals that can be accomplished within our short-term therapy framework. Working with a mental health clinician may help you recognize the need to change behaviors or ways of thinking. They can also help you learn:

  • How to make behavioral and situational changes
  • Relaxation and self-care skills to improve overall wellbeing
  • Coping skills and strategies to manage distress

And, if the goals you are working on require more time than our short-term model offers, our mental health clinicians can help you with referral sources for long-term therapy.

Each therapy session is approximately 50 minutes.


It is vital that students feel free to talk openly about any concerns they may have. To encourage frank discussions, all sessions are confidential as specified by the state and federal laws regulating the practice of MHS. Concerns or questions about privacy can be discussed at the time of your visit.

Helpful Links

The following links may be helpful when searching the net for information about various mental health issues. For mental health services on campus call LAC (562) 938-4210 or PCC (562) 938-3922.