Guided Pathways


Guided Pathways: Voyage to Success

Making the Long Beach City College educational experience work better for students includes all of us – whether we work as counselors developing educational plans and exploring career options with students, or as faculty members teaching a class, or as staff members processing purchase orders and keeping the grounds beautiful.

National data indicates that students are taking too many units, spending too much money, which impacts their financial aid, and they are not graduating.

Through the national guided pathways framework, Long Beach City College’s Guided Pathways strives to provide informed options with intentional support for students actively pursuing their educational goals. Students will benefit from increased access to affordable education and timely completion of degrees and certificates, which will lead to expanded job opportunities and upward social and economic mobility.

We all have a role to play in Guided Pathways.

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Creating clear curricular pathways with course sequencing that lead to employment and further education
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Helping students choose and enter their pathway by informing them of what they need to accomplish each semester
Compass for action on academic student support through guided pathways



Helping students stay on their path by providing them with timely feedback and support
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Ensuring that learning is happening with intentional outcomes