Viking Impact Award


Viking Impact Award

Long Beach City College recognizes the outstanding work of its employees through the “Viking Impact Awards.” LBCC’s Superintendent-President and Vice Presidents select individuals within their areas who have made a profound impact on the College community, and exemplify LBCC’s high-level of service and dedication.


Viking Impact Award Winners


Barry Barnes' Headshot

Barry Barnes


Barry Barnes supports his athletes by attending their initial counseling appointments. He is a connector of students to campus resources including transfer scholarships. He also attends student graduation and encourages student engagement on campus.

Coach Barnes connects with Academic and Student Services to ensure his students succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Pedro Garcia Headshot

Pedro Garcia


Since Pedro Garcia started his career as a custodian in 1999, he has worked his way up to being the Manager of Campus Facilities. Pedro’s 23 plus years of dedication, institutional knowledge, endless energy, and college pride are invaluable to us in the Facilities & Operations department.

Daniel Gilpatrick Headshot

Daniel Gilpatrick


Daniel Gilpatrick was nominated for his tireless work supporting the dual enrollment expansion from the Admissions & Records side of the house. He manually inputted hundreds of dual enrollment forms in a matter of days. He has gone above and beyond to ensure that dual enrollment students get enrolled in courses.

Roarke O’Leary  Headshot

Roarke O’Leary


Roarke O’Leary has more than 23 years of experience as an athletic counselor who encourages his students for scholarships.

He works with individual student athletes to ensure they have plans with the required courses to meet their educational and athletic goals. In particular, Roarke ensures his students meet NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA requirements for transfer and competition.

Sunleng Touch Headshot

Sunleng Touch


Sunleng Touch is an IT technician who goes above and beyond his job to resolve issues since 2020. As a Cambodian genocide survivor, Sunleng says his purpose in life is to serve others. He was nominated as an employee who helps with a huge heart.