Whether the interest is in fine art, commercial, or photojournalism, Photography Program at Long Beach City College has something for every student.


With an extensive set of class offerings related to photography, you can study photography through our:

Studio Arts, Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Art, Associate in Arts (AA)
Fine Art Photography Option
Photography, Associate in Arts (AA)
Photography, Certificate of Achievement (C-ACH)

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Our photography courses cover Advertising, Editorial, Location, Studio, Photography for Publication and Fine Art, with an emphasis on professional experience in our faculty and staff. Our full-timer Brian Doan is joined by an Instructional Associate Jeff Smeding and our Lab Supervisor Neil France all of whom are active photographers.

Our classes are spread over both our campuses. To start our programs we offer

  • Photo 32: Introduction to Digital Photography (digital-based) and/or
  • Art 81: Introduction to Fine Art Photography (analog and darkroom based).
LAC Campus
  • 24 station B & W traditional wet lab, with small, medium, and large format capabilities.
  • 26 station digital MAC computer lab.
  • 5 station digital print and scan lab, with film and flatbed scanners.
  • Individual darkroom space for independent or alternative projects.
  • Printmaking classroom, which is also used for Alternative Processes.
PCC Campus
  • Film processing only wet lab, with small, medium, and large format capabilities.
  • 28 station digital MAC computer workstations in the lab with scan and print capabilities.
  • Large studio shooting stages with hot lights and studio strobes.


Advanced Photography Digital Media is a certificate program that builds on the Fundamentals of LBCC’s Digital Media Arts program to prepare students for entry and mid-level employment in digital media production. Students completing this certificate will be able to create advanced photography and digital media using still and motion images, new media and sound, installation and performance, exhibition and publication, and history of photography.

Throughout the course, an emphasis is placed on creating a balance between creative and technical skills.

To explore potential jobs in this field of study, we strongly urge you to visit LBCC Career Center. Working with a career counselor, we will assess your strengths, skills, interests, and accomplishments to help you identify internship opportunities and career goals that match your educational and professional needs.