Faculty Diversity Internship Program


About the Faculty Diversity Internship Program

Long Beach City College is committed to providing an environment where persons of diverse backgrounds become partners in learning. To meet this commitment, the College has initiated a program to assist in preparing members of our community to join our faculty through an internship program.

This program offers opportunities to graduate students who are pursuing advanced degrees or those already in the workforce who have subject matter expertise in their discipline. This program allows the exploration of career opportunities as a faculty member within the California Community College system.

The internship program is designed for completion over one academic year. Interns will be assigned to a faculty mentor for this period. The Intern will begin as an observer in a single section of a course. Gradually, the intern’s level of responsibility for that class will increase in order to experience the full range of classroom activities. During this time, interns are encouraged to observe other teachers at work as well. Interns and mentors participate in workshops, seminars and work together as a team to learn about effective teaching and learning methods and classroom strategies.

The relationship between Mentors and Interns is expected to be one of mutual respect and beneficial to both parties. Termination of the internship relationship may occur at any time upon recommendation of the mentor and program coordinator or upon the mutual agreement of parties involved. There is no guarantee of full-time employment resulting from participation in this program. Continued employment in an adjunct capacity beyond the internship program is dependent upon performance, department need, and selection as a result of a competitive hiring process. There is no ongoing obligation on the part of the District implied or given upon entering the program.

Intern Responsibilities
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