Research & Evaluation

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports research and evaluation through collaboration with management, faculty, staff, students, and educational and community partners in the following ways:

  • Collaborates with constituent groups to design and implement qualitative and quantitative evaluations of key activities, projects, and college-wide initiatives 
  • Develops and shares Tableau data dashboards to assist programs and services in monitoring progress and improvements on key student success metrics 
  • Provides trainings and workshops on Tableau, data use, and data analysis 
  • Provides critical and required data reporting to federal and state regulatory bodies 
  • Develops resources for supporting faculty by providing access to summary level and course specific information 
  • Administers Tableau Online, Survey Gizmo, Nuventive Improve, and EMSI Analyst 
  • Works with faculty, staff, and management to identify and implement ways to improve data collection across the campus 
  • Develops best practices for data dissemination 
  • Collaborates with key stakeholders to support student equity efforts across campus through data disaggregation and promoting asset-minded approaches in campus initiatives 
  • Monitors critical state and federal higher education legislation  
  • Collaborates with regional educational partners to develop data and research-sharing partnerships