Planning and Program Review


Planning and Program Review

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports institutional planning processes at LBCC through collaboration with the College Planning Council; Planning Committees, Subcommittees, and Taskforces; and the Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee (a subcommittee of the Academic Senate’s Committee on Curriculum and Instruction). This includes supporting the development of the Strategic Plan and college-wide plans (e.g., Student Equity Plan and the Adult Education Consortium Plan), as well as providing support for the Annual Planning/Program Review Process that is described below in detail.

The college’s annual planning and program review process occurs annually and provides the opportunity for programs, departments, schools, and Vice Presidents to develop data-informed goals and activities and monitor progress, as well as to request resources to help them achieve their stated goals and activities.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports Planning and Program Review in the following ways: 

  • Collaborates with the College Planning Committee and Department Plan/Program Review Subcommittee to review and revise planning and program review templates 
  • Maintains historical records of all program, department, school, and vice president annual plans and program reviews.
  • Develops Tableau data dashboards and labor market data for use by programs and departments to inform the development and progress of their annual planning goals and activities, as well as their program reviews 
  • Facilitates increased understanding of data through a research liaison model (where researchers are assigned to specific departments to assist departments in navigating Tableau Dashboards and interpreting the data) 
  • Holds workshops and training sessions on data use to inform planning and program review 
  • Maintains historical records of all program, department, school and vice president level plans, as well as program reviews 
  • Conducts regular evaluations of the planning and program review processes to inform future improvements and implements identified improvements