Center for Teaching & Learning

Welcome to LBCC’s Center for Teaching and Learning! Faculty members are invited to contact the Faculty Facilitator Lead, Tiare Hotra, to discuss how the Center can help support you. Please check back for information on events and resources. 

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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), through coordination and facilitation of professional learning, collaboration, and growth opportunities for all faculty, is grounded in the principles of transformative pedagogy: student-centered, evidence-based, institutionally focused, and action-oriented. The CTL strives to be the space for reflective growth and professional transformation while cultivating an inclusive community that promotes deep learning and effective teaching. 


CTL will offer broad support for teaching and learning through the following goals.

Goal 1 – Provide consultation and faculty support with coaches.

Goal 2 – Facilitate faculty cohorts that utilize critical reflection to transform teaching practices. 

Goal 3 – Facilitate connections for instructors to resources and the development of teaching networks for a scholarly and effective teaching culture.

Goal 4 – Promote and advocate for a campus culture of scholarly and effective pedagogy and practice.

Goal 5 – Provide instructors with opportunities and space to practice and apply scholarly and effective teaching practice.

Goal 6 – Implement transformative teaching strategies to strengthen teacher satisfaction and professional growth.

Goal 7 – Provide access to an archive of scholarly research and resources.