Faculty Diversity Internship Program

The Faculty Diversity Internship Program (FDIP) is a teaching and learning experience. It has provided high-quality learning opportunities for diverse faculty interns and students alike. The program is instrumental in developing a talented and dynamic pool of community college instructors who mirror the diversity of our student population which encompasses people with different cultural, ethnic, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, academic preparation, learning style, and socioeconomic backgrounds with the aim of closing faculty equity gaps at LBCC. 

Mission Statement 

Long Beach City College is committed to empowering our students to become active, ethical participants in their learning, as well as in the democratic structures that give them voice and agency in shaping their society and world. In an environment that is caring, supportive, and inclusive, LBCC promotes equitable learning and educational achievement by delivering innovative, high-quality degree programs, certificate programs, holistic support services, and leading-edge workforce preparation for our diverse communities. 


Long Beach City College creates capacity, builds community, and sparks innovation in support of anti-racism and inclusion to ensure programs and services inspire and prepare learners to thrive as citizens in a diverse democracy and achieve their intellectual, financial, and personal goals. We cultivate a community that fully embraces individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, abilities, and values. 


FDIP is part of our vision to pursue intentional recruiting, hiring, and retaining of diverse employees that reflect the needs and lived experiences of all of our students.