Fiscal Services


Fiscal Services

The mission of Fiscal Services, comprised of Accounting, Accounts Payable, Systems Analysis, Payroll/Benefits, Bursar’s Office, Budgeting, and Internal Audit, is to ensure that all resources of LBCCD are managed and accounted for in an effective manner. Utilizing the highest standards, all financial records are presented in a timely, accurate and meaningful format in support of the college’s educational master plan for the advancement of Student Success and Community & Workforce Development. Fiscal Services strives to provide excellent professional service to students, faculty, staff and community members.

COMPLIANCE. Fiscal Services will ensure compliance with federal, state and local rules and regulations by working with departments to make sure periodic reports are submitted in a timely manner and by helping to ensure that transactions, documentation, and activities comply with applicable guidelines.

USER EDUCATION & TRAINING. Fiscal Services will increase its efforts to educate and inform employees about fiscal policies and procedures. We will provide ongoing training, one-on-one assistance, user-friendly online forms and procedure guides to help departments to better serve students through quicker navigation through fiscal processes.

INNOVATIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. To better serve students and staff and to get the most out of our limited resources, Fiscal Services will deliver innovative business solutions.