Foster Care & Kinship Education


Foster Care & Kinship Education

The Foster & Kinship Care Education Program is a statewide program funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, providing a variety of training programs for foster parents (parent education), and specialized training for relative caregivers. Long Beach City College works with many agencies and programs to provide resources and support for current and transition-age youth and resource families. Our goal is to ensure that this important population of students and their families have all of the information they need for success in college, career, and life. For this reason, all resource families must complete the FKCE higher Education training known as Dreams to Degrees

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Foster/Resource Parenting Workshops

The FKCE program provides a wide variety of free training workshops with the goal of increasing workshop participant’s knowledge about what it means to be a trauma-informed caregiver.

Resource Family Approval (RFA) Training: The FKCE program offers the Pre-Approval (12 hours) and Pre-Placement (8 hours) training that are part of the DCFS requirements for families who have initiated the process in becoming a foster/resource parent.

  • CPR Renewal Training and Card – Free to LBCC Resource Family participants
  • Renewal (AKA RFA Renewal; Modules 5 and 6)
  • D Rate Pre-Service -  0900-522.10, Specialized Care Increment SCI D Rate. The Specialized Care Increment (SCI) D-Rate is a higher foster care rate paid, in addition to the basic foster care rate, for the care of a child/youth with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. Renewal: 18 hours.
  • F Rate Pre-Service –  0900-522.11, Specialized Care Increment (SCI) – F-Rate. The Specialized Care Increment (SCI) F-Rate is a higher foster care rate paid in addition to the basic foster care rate, for the care of children/youth with exceptional medical and special needs. Renewal: 12 hours.
  • W Rate Pre-Service –  Whole Family Specialized Care Rate, AKA W Rate.  Is a higher foster care rate paid for the care of a child who is a parent. Renewal: 4 hours.
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Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) supports low-income, educationally disadvantaged students in their community college journey.

The NextUp Program serves current and former foster youth in EOPS by creating a network of support to help students to reach their full potential and complete their goals.

For more information, please contact Tami Horn.

LBUSD Foster Youth Department

Guiding Principals – Everyone shares the duty to promote the educational progress of children in out of home placements.

Educators, school personnel, social workers, probation officers, caregivers, advocates, and juvenile court officers must all work together to serve the educational needs of children in foster care. Foster youth must have access to the same academic resources, services, extracurricular and enrichment activities available to all students. EC 48850(a)

For more information, please contact the LBUSD Foster Youth Department.