The ceramics curriculum offers courses in which students learn to use clay as a medium for artistic expression. Through the progression of courses, students develop the necessary fundamental, technical, and artistic skills that enable them to utilize multiple methods to create ceramic art.

The studio provides a creative learning environment where a diverse group of students are encouraged to explore their creativity through a wide range of traditional and contemporary practices including functional pottery, design, modeling, and ceramic sculpture. The firing processes we offer include high-fire reduction, earthenware, primitive, crystalline-glaze, lusters, decals, and Raku firings.

Our program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the vast multicultural ceramic art practices from experts in the field including faculty, visiting artists, museum docents, gallerists, and art collectors. Field trips to museums, art galleries, private art collections, and artists’ studios are part of the curriculum of every course.


Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T), Studio Arts
Associate in Arts (AA), Art
Applied Design Option


The Ceramics studio is equipped with:

  • 30 Brent and Pacifica electric pottery wheels including two wheelchair adjustable  pottery wheels
  • 1 Brent Slab roller
  • 1 Geil DL40FS gas kiln equipped with an automatic damper system and  microprocessor based programmable temperature controller
  • 1 Geil DLB30 gas kiln equipped with microprocessor based programmable temperature controller
  • 1 Geil DLB18 gas kiln
  • 1 Geil DLB28 gas kiln
  • 1 EHW-12 Geil front-loading programmable electric kiln
  • 2 top-loading electric Cress kilns
  • 1 Soldner Professional clay mixer
  • 1 Aqua Flow glaze spray booth
  • 1 Peter Pugger pug mill
  • Pre-mixed high-fire, low-fire, and Raku glazes

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