Online Courses & Programs


Online Courses & Programs

LBCC offers a variety of online classes. Before registering, it is a good idea to know the different modalities an online course can be delivered in. 

Types of Online Learning Courses at LBCC

Here at LBCC, Online Learning refers to three types of courses:

  • Fully Online: a course that meets 100% Fully Online. Fully online courses are taught either asynchronously or synchronously.  

    • Asynchronous – There are no required meetings in real-time; no meeting day/times are listed in the schedule. All contact hours must be asynchronous. 
    • Synchronous – There are required meetings in real-time; meeting day/time patterns are in the schedule.  
  • Partially Online/Hybrid: a course that meets partially in a Classroom & Online (Asynchronous or Synchronous).
  • Web-Enhanced: a face-to-face course that meets 100% in a Classroom yet also uses the LMS.


How to register/find online classes at LBCC

You can find classes at LBCC both searching on the Class Schedule page and in your Student Viking System. 

Class Schedule Page

  • On this page you will be able to browse through all LBCC classes. You can narrow down your search for online classes by clicking on the ONILINE or PARTIALLY ONLINE (hybrid) buttons. 
  • Tip: Always read the class notes to determine if the course is being taught asynchronous, synchronous, or partially online/hybrid. You can also find possible online meeting times for synchronous, and hybrid courses. 

Viking Student System

In the Viking Student System, you can choose to enter a course number found on the Class Schedule Page, or you can do a search by topic and then select WEB as your location. 

Fully Online Learning Programs (coming soon)!

Check back soon for LBCC Online Learning Programs.