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Amy Fredericks
Professor, Astronomy

Education and Background

I am a third generation California native, hailing from Surf City (Huntington Beach). I was also a Navy civil service brat, so I moved away at a young age. My family spent time in Guam, Spain, and Florida before settling in the Washington DC area, which I consider a second home. But I couldn’t resist the siren call of Southern California: I graduated in 1996 from USC with a B.S. in Astronomy. The East Coast tugged back and I received my M.S. in Astronomy from the University of Maryland in 1999.

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Joanna Haan
Co-Dept. Head of Physical Sciences & Professor, Chemistry

Education and Background
My fascination with chemistry goes all the way back to childhood, when my mom taught me how to bake and then gave me freedom to mix and cook in the kitchen.  My dad made a game out of finding solids, liquids, and gases, and he brought puzzles and problem solving into just about every adventure he took us on.  Both of my parents taught me that learning was really fun, and was just a part of everyday life. 

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